Unleashing Bitcoin

for economic growth

in emerging markets.

Topl Thunder unlocks functionality for Bitcoin, expanding beyond client-side protocols like RGB, Ordinals, and Taproot.

Where developers access the same functionality as existing in Bitcoin standards with lower fees, higher throughput, and faster finality.

Transform the global digital economy with Thunder.

Unlocking Bitcoin functionality and fostering financial stability and growth in emerging markets where it’s needed most.

With Lightning and Thunder, Bitcoin’s decentralization and security stand firm.

Topl Thunder





Security and



Lightning Compatibility

Support for bridging Bitcoin in and out through Lightning nodes.


Open Validation

Transaction validation and Bitcoin pegging done by an open and trustless set of validators.


Short Peg Times

Ability to move Bitcoin in/out in less than one hour.


UTxO Native

Full compatibility with Bitcoin architecture without complex transaction layers.


RGB and Taproot

Compatibility with RGB smart contracts and bridging capabilities for Taproot assets.


Ordinals Bridging, Scaling & Storage

Mint and move Ordinals between Bitcoin & adjacent L2s.

Cutting-edge web3 tech, only easier.

Dev-Friendly by Design

Say goodbye to learning new languages and complex smart contracts – build on Topl in your preferred language with simple API calls.

Fully Bitcoin Compliant

No more walled gardens – Topl is built to connect the Bitcoin economy across ecosystems, making it the future-proof home for your next project.

Future Proof

Topl’s digital asset model can support fungible, non-fungible, and semi-fungible tokens, all defined without smart contracts, unlocking novel uses for developers and future-proofing against new use cases.

Unlocking the economic potential of positive impact on Bitcoin.

A Bitcoin Layer 2 designed to enable a new, more inclusive, connected, and sustainable economy.

Beyond Carbon: Next Gen Impact Tokens

There’s a growing opportunity to tokenize non-carbon credits, with climate scientists and environmental groups employing blockchain technology to advance more stringent, specialized, and transparent registries. The expanding high-quality token ecosystem will inevitably increase demand for these non-carbon impact tokens.

BCarbon, an advanced nonprofit registry for generating, transacting, and retiring soil, forest, and blue carbon credits. BCarbon’s nature-based approach, utilizing measurement-based protocols, helps achieve net-zero targets while offering substantial ecological and social benefits.

From Bean to Blockchain to Brewed Cup

Dutch non-profit Fairfood leverages the Topl Blockchain to fuel an innovative SaaS platform that traces food products. By simply scanning a QR code, coffee consumers can peer into the fascinating journey of their coffee beans, knowing that their morning brew is founded on ethical practices and fair wage standards.

Ready to Build the Future?

Join the world’s first Bitcoin Layer 2 building a global impact economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Topl Thunder?

Topl Thunder is a Bitcoin Layer 2 designed to bring robust functionality to Bitcoin and Lightning Networks in order to enable a new, more inclusive, connected, and sustainable economy through innovative web3 technology.

What makes Topl Thunder different from other Bitcoin L2s?

Topl Thunder is the only Bitcoin L2 that incorporates Lightning Compatibility, Taproot Assets, RGB Assets, Ordinals, and Storage. It also has short peg times of approximately one hour, open validation, and is UTxO native. This combination is unique to Thunder among Bitcoin L2s. 

What types of projects have been built on Topl Thunder?

Topl Thunder has attracted projects from a variety of industries, including commercial supply chains, carbon credit registries, agribusiness, health care, and fashion. Future areas of interest are non-carbon asset tokenization and various applications of Topl Thunder’s technology.

How can I build on Topl Thunder?

Thunder is designed to be the most user-friendly, inclusive, and impactful Bitcoin Layer 2 to build on. To get started, head to our Developer Docs or join us on Discord.

What’s next for Topl Thunder?

Decentralization of the protocol is slated for late 2023. In Q1 2024, Topl Thunder will be working diligently to enable both Bitcoin and Lightning Bridges. To keep up to date on the latest announcements, sign up for our newsletter here.

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