Topl Spotlight: Meet the Changemakers Unleashing Web3’s Economic Potential

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Welcome to Topl Spotlight, our interview series featuring thought leaders and innovators transforming economic systems with web3 technologies.

Join us as we delve into their ideas, initiatives, and ambitions, uncovering valuable insights to inform and inspire professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Isla Munro-Hochmayr, FTW DAO’s Founder

Isla, Founder of FTW DAO and DAOVOZ, has vast experience in venture capital and finance. Driven by a solarpunk vision, Isla seeks to democratize venture capital, foster diversity, and improve societal impact through blockchain technology, all while focusing on accessibility, user experience, and a globally inclusive approach to opportunity.

Adam Ghahramani, Untamed Elephants’ Founder

Adam, the Founder of Untamed Elephants, a community dedicated to using NFTs, art, and cutting-edge tech to raise money for African and Asian elephants, is a relentless marketer, programmer, writer, and data enthusiast dedicated to using tech to innovate nonprofit engagement and transform traditional structures.

Michael Guan, Sweetgum Labs’ Product Co-Founder

Michael, a Yale School of Management MBA dropout and serial entrepreneur, combines his strong leadership, analytical, and strategic thinking skills with a passion for leveraging blockchain to address urgent environmental challenges with his company Sweetgum Labs.

Mateo Daza, Giveth’s Lead Engineer

Mateo Daza is at the forefront of leveraging blockchain for social impact, working with Giveth, a web3-enabled donations platform. He has been involved in various projects, including co-founding QuillaLabs, a group promoting blockchain education, and actively participating in the EthColombia. With expertise in Web3, and specifically Ethereum Smart Contracts, Mateo is passionate about leveraging technology to create public goods and foster economic change.

Susana González, Impact Scope’s Head of Partnerships for LATAM & Caribbean

Susana is a Venezuelan regenerative finance advocate. With a background in sustainability, she sees blockchain as a catalyst for financial freedom and access in regions like LATAM, where high inflation and currency restrictions pose challenges. Susana believes that blockchain and regenerative approaches can transform businesses for the better and empower communities in the global south and beyond.

Diego Mazo, Tropykus’ Co-Founder & Head of Product

Diego is dedicated to making a difference in users’ lives through his work in design strategy, UX research, and business model innovation. With a focus on empowering people, Diego’s personal vision drives Tropykus, a lending and borrowing platform incorporating regenerative finance, to provide better financial tools for Latin Americans. 

Nick Edmonds, Topl’s Head of Developer Ecosystem

Nick has played a crucial role in the development of the Topl protocol. With a strong background in computer science and an interest in economics, Nick is committed to creating a positive impact through blockchain technology. His work directly contributes to Topl’s mission of creating a more inclusive economy by disrupting exploitative legacy systems and fostering a blockchain ecosystem centered around impact and finance.

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