Introducing Topl

empowering growth enabling investment


Who We Are

At Topl we believe that economic and social aims don’t have to be competitive but can instead work together to support each other. The Topl protocol is designed with equal consideration to both the 32 trillion-dollar economic opportunity waiting to be unlocked in developing regions and the 3.5 billion people who can benefit from these investments. We believe that responsible investment in young, innovative, and locally-based companies is among the most effective drivers of economic growth and long-term social impact. This is exactly what Topl seeks to enable.

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Topl Protocol

Topl is building the technology to more effectively link $9 trillion in investment demand to target opportunities throughout high potential emerging markets while blending socially motivated capital with traditional investment to provide better returns and increased impact.


Open and scalable blockchain architecture

Instead of trying to dictate and control everything ourselves, we acknowledge that the complexity and variety across developing markets requires flexibility and openness. This is why we’ve built a permissionless blockchain that allows for our users to become our partners, integrating with and leveraging the Topl Protocol however they see fit to drive local economic growth. From investment and donation to certification and supply chain tracking, we rely on experienced local partners to determine exactly the best way to utilize our technology for their needs and users.


Crowd-sourced due-diligence

Historically, many of the best opportunities in developing markets have been too small or too obscure to receive the sort of expert analysis considered necessary to inspire investor confidence. So instead of simply sticking to the same model, Topl relies on its own network of prediction markets to incentivize and gather information about opportunities from as many sources as possible. By leveraging a variety of different models and types of analyses, Topl can provide investors and donors with the best possible insights to guide their decisions.


Certified, quantified impact

Central to our vision for bringing increased investment to regions with the highest need and highest potential is our belief in blended capital. Instead of maintaining the distinction between economic efforts and philanthropic ones, Topl allows for each interest to benefit from the other. All quantifiable social and environmental outcomes of investments funded through the Topl Protocol are tokenized and issued to a project’s investors as Impact Credits. In turn, investors can then offer these credits for sale to socially and environmentally motivated groups interested in supporting concrete progress.


Fair and stable Transfers

While the open nature of Topl’s protocol means nearly any currency can be used for transfers and investments, we have developed the Poly to provide a fair and stable medium of exchange that can be used across borders and benefits the entire ecosystem. The Poly is not tied to the currency of a single country, so that we can support the needs of people around the world.