Mission Statement

At Topl, we believe economic and social goals can be complementary instead of competitive, supporting each other to drive mutual growth. Inequality, poverty, and climate change are all important issues but impact has been compartmentalized to the realm of philanthropy, separate from our activities as businesses and consumers. Not only is severe income inequality a human rights issue, the solution to remedy it will unleash the most profound economic growth opportunity of the twenty-first century.

By solving key issues of trust, access, and coordination, Topl is unifying economic and social interests to promote both profit and positive impact.

Access is the first significant hurdle to inclusive and sustainable practices and markets. A key barrier to economic   growth across the most vulnerable segments of the population is market access and inclusion. The most vulnerable members of a supply chain are usually producers, who are often disconnected both digitally and geographically from consumers. By filling the void of global digital infrastructure, we give producers greater market access and thus more agency in the supply chain.
Once markets are accessible, establishing trust becomes crucial. Consumers must trust where goods come from, investors and donors must trust where money goes, and producers must trust they’ll be fairly compensated. Bringing businesses and communities onto the Topl Infrastructure creates an immutable transaction history of each value exchange. This information is especially important for producers, who can leverage their verified history for product and wage negotiations.
Coordination is the last piece of the puzzle, the key to actually improving impact and economic outcomes. Mechanisms that quantify and prove a business’s impact take months to complete and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, limiting them to only organizations with significant resources. Our infrastructure is completely unified, directly collecting and verifying details in real-time, from the first producer to the final purchase, eliminating gaps, data hand-offs, and information loss. Our coordinated, cohesive system means ethical business practices are affordable, efficient, and achievable for all.

By eliminating barriers to entry and enhancing market access, Topl helps transparently unify business processes that intentionally and actively enable positive impact. Our model is broadly inclusive of all supply chain, marketplace, or capital market ​​participants—vulnerable actors benefit from superior wages and conditions while businesses can attach premiums to superior ethical products. Profit, product, and individual livelihood all significantly improve.

Powering the SDGs

​​The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals represent a broad effort to address a variety of global issues. Ending poverty and other human rights deprivations requires strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth, all while tackling climate change and protecting the planet. Topl is committed to supporting the fulfillment of all 17 of the SDGs by 2030.