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Topl's custom blockchain infrastructure enables businesses and organizations to increase, prove, and monetize their transparency, sustainability, and positive impact.

Applications built atop the Topl Infrastructure increase coordination and efficiency in impact-aware supply chains and marketplaces, help create stories for ethical and responsibly source products, and enable innovative financing mechanisms for sustainable, inclusive ventures.

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We’re building the digital infrastructure to make traceability platforms more inclusive, capable, and efficient. Our decentralized blockchain protocol is designed to trace, verify, and certify funds, goods, and impact around the globe.

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One significant barrier to participation in developing economies is an absence of trust and transparency. Lack of infrastructure and clarity means funds can be misused and misallocated. Topl uses our customized blockchain technology to bridge this gap; funds are traced from origin to owner, with details about their use and impact recorded every step of the way.


As consumers increasingly prefer products with ethical and sustainable origins, the tracking and certifying of a good’s production becomes essential. Topl’s protocol is specifically designed to facilitate and verify proving each step, from production to final purchase.

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Ethical and sustainable production of goods often have positive collateral that is difficult to track and verify. For example, a solar farm produces energy without pollutants and may also provide low cost energy to the surrounding community. Topl’s Impact Credit mechanism quantifies and tracks all collateral impact, both social and environmental, allowing businesses to better understand and leverage their positive outcomes.

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